Pet Boarding

General Kennel Information

Dogs Under 90 lbs: $30 per day
Dogs 90 lbs and Over: $31 per day

*Please note: During our Summer Peak Season and Holidays, there is an extra $2 charge per dog added to the Daily Boarding Rate.

  • Guests stay in spacious, 4′ x 8′ Run enclosures equipped with automatic water bowls and raised, orthopedic beds.
  • Daily schedule consists of 3 outdoor sessions in individual 4′ x 10′ covered Run enclosures.
  • Additional playtime activities and bathing services can be scheduled throughout your pet’s stay.
  • Medications can be administered by staff for an additional charge of $2.00 per dose. (we are unable to administer injections)
  • Food from home must be packaged in individual zip-lock bags per feeding. Iams Minnie Chunks is available for an extra charge of $.75 per cup.
  • A special food handling charge of $2 per feeding may apply for specific food preparation requirements.
  • A toy from home is accepted with the understanding that we cannot always guarantee its return.
  • A raised, orthopedic bed is provided in each guest’s Run enclosure. We do not permit bedding to be brought from home, as we cannot wash it before return, nor guarantee its return in the same condition it was brought.
  • All guests must have a copy of current immunization records (Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, Canine Influenza) at time of check-in.
  • All Drop-Off’s for Boarding must be done at least 15 minutes before closing. (M-F by 6:45pm, SAT by 4:45pm, SUN by 2:45pm)
  • All Pick-Up’s for Boarding must be done at least 15 minutes before closing. An additional day’s charge will automatically be added to your bill at 5 minutes past our closing time.
  • Monday – Saturday: All Pick-Up’s done before 12:00pm will not be charged for that day. Any Pick-Up’s done after 12:00pm will be charged for that day. There is always a charge for Sundays.
  • Click here to download our Kennel Agreement (PDF).